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074期单双中特 www.khmax.icu 距離2019年6月英語四六級考試不到一個月啦,大家備考的如何?是否能在規定時間內做完一整套試題?今天小編為大家整理了一篇四級模擬題(不含聽力),大家記得多多練習,檢測一下自己最近的學習效果哦!

PartⅠ Writing?。ù鹛饈奔?0分鐘)
  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “Advertising”. You should write at least 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below.
  1. 廣告的目的。
  2. 為什么要做廣告。
  3. 廠商做廣告的真實原因。
You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

PartⅢ reading comprehension(答題時間共40分鐘)
Section A 
  Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one wordfor each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read thepassage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank isidentified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on AnswerSheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of the words in thebank more than once.
  Questions 26 to 35 are based on the following passage. 
  Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go fuller.The way you go about purchasing an article or a service can actually 26  you money or can add to the cost.Take the 27  example of a hairdryer, If you are buying a hairdryer,you might think that you are making the 28  buy if you choose one whose look you like and which is also the cheapest 29  price.But when you get it home you may find that it takes twice as long as a more expensive 30  to dry your hair.The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could well make your hairdryer the most expensive one of all.
  So what principles should you 31  when you go out shopping? If you keep your home.your car or any valuable 32  in excellent condition,you’11 be saving money in the long run.Before you buy a new 33  ,talk to someone who owns one.If you can.use it or borrow it to check it suits your particular purpose.Before you buy an expensive 34   ,or a service,do check the price and what is on offer.If possible.choose 35 three items or three estimates.
  A) possession
  F) from
  K) model

 Section B
  Directions: In this section, you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it. Eachstatement contains information given in one of the paragraphs. Identify the paragraphfrom which the information is derived. You may choose a paragraph more than once.Each paragraph is marked with a letter.Answer the questions by marking thecorresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2.
  Deborah Kenny's "Born to Rise" Tells Story of Harlem Village Academies
  A) Deborah Kenny, CEO of the Harlem Village Academies, is frustrated with the nation's current education system. Unlike most, though, she decided to do something about it. Part declaration part record, her book Born to Rise writes down her journey toward creating and running her own system of progressive charter schools in Harlem in New York City.
  What is your educational philosophy?
  B) We want our students to receive the same high-quality education as students who are privileged to attend the best private schools in the country. Personally, I believe a progressive education is superior as long as it's delivered by really smart, talented teachers who know how to execute well. It's a sophisticated approach that really only works well in the hands of a  really sophisticated educator. We're dealing with a little bit of a challenge because students enter this school from the regular public system. And when they enter in fifth grade, they're not yet well-trained in the basics reading, writing, and math--which means that we have to catch them up on basic math skills, on the 'basics of writing. And many of them come in at a kindergarten, first, second-grade level in reading. So we have to accelerate their mastery of the basics, but we reject the idea that if you do that you can't teach that at a high level. We push ourselves constantly to think about how we can make sure that our students will catch up while we teach at the highest possible level. It means asking difficult, delicate questions, not accepting an answer that is not backed up by evidence, the kinds of things that you would expect to see in the best private schools. We aim for a high level in rich discussions where the students are asked to analyze a challenging text and where the teacher does not accept just any answer simply because the student is behaving. What makes the Harlem Village Academies different?
  C) First of all, I have to say what we have in common with other charter schools because we have learned so much from them: creating an expectation that all students will attend college, naming classrooms after colleges, the longer school day, the longer school year. I feel it's important to give credit where credit is due because I learned from them. In those early years when I opened the school, most of these other schools bad been around for seven years, ten years, some of them even longer.
  D ) As far as what makes us different, I'll tell you what the teachers say: teachers tell us that the level of professionalism and passion for teaching at a high level and teaching above the test, not to the test, and working in an environment, where everybody is trusted to do their job and continually learning--there's this incredible culture of learning. There's this incredible workplace culture where the adults are continually becoming better and learning more about how to become a better lead her. The teachers get to make all of the decisions 'about their own professional development rather than being enforced to at tend the training. They are treated like professional-grade' doctors and lawyers at the. Highest level. They actually make the decisions not only about what books to use and what teaehing methed, but even about what their own professional development Ioukslike.There's a very clear set of standards far what the students need to know and be "able to do at the end of each year and quarter, and we hold people accountable for that end goal. But we give them complete freedom to decide how they're going to achieve it, which is how all professionals are treated. Unfortunately, it's not how most teachers are treated inthis country. Most teachers are treated like factory workers, where there's a hig set ofrules on how they have to do everything.
  What does the curriculum look like at Harlem Village Academy schools?
  E) It looks like a classic liberal-arts curriculum, where math, reading, and writing are not the only subjects taught. Even if the state focuses its testing on those things, we do not let the state dictate our curriculum. We are interested in a rich curriculum that includes art and music and seience and social studies and a wide variety of electives, and character education is integrated throughout.
  How do you address the criticisms people have regarding charter schools?
  F) I'd say that the .main criticisms are stemming from the fact that in a charter system the teachers are not unionized, and they're treated as professionals instead of as manual laborers. The charter movement is challenging the current situation, it's eoming along and saying we used to completely change the underlying premiere ( 前提) of how we go about public education. Parents should be able to choose the scherzi. We should give power to all parents, regardless of socioeonomie level, to choose where they send their child, and that creates market competition: if you have an amazing school with caring teachers and great results, parents are going to ~ant to choose that school. The charter movement is putting the needs of children first anti is holding teachers accountable. It ehalleuges the notion of tenure (終身教職), where there's no accountability at all.
  What's next for you and the Harlem Village Academies?
  G) We are going to triple (增至三倍) in size in the next twn years. We will have a full K -12 system. We're starting two new elementary schools, we will be serving 2,000 children, but we are not eager to grow super-big. We want to use the platform of what we' re learned and the results that we've produced--that ant teachers have produced--to have an ational influence on policy and on teaching methods. The laws that govern how school srun constrain the ability of the printcipal to run the school well. They're not allowed to build a team. And building a team where teachers are trusted, happy and cooperative is really the foundation for an excellent school. So we want to find a way to get our message out nationally and continue to be part of the movement.
  36. In the Harlem Village Academies. teachers can decide themselves how they are going to achieve the teaching objectives.
  37. The charter movement challenges the tenure system in making children's needs apriority and holding, teachers responsible.
  38 The Harlem Village Academies will be able to enroll 2,000 ehildren in the next twoyears
  39. Deborah Kenny admits that she learns a lot from other charter schools.
  40. The curriculum at Harlem Village Academies not only includes the subjects frequentlytested.
  41.The Harlem Village Academies are eager to exert a national influence on policy and teaching methods.
  42. Students entering the Harlem Village Academies are from the regular public system.
  43. Deborah Kenny decides to create and run the Harlem Village Academies because sheis disappointed about the current education system.
  44. Charter schools are mainly criticized for treating the teachers as professionals.
  45. One of the challenges facing the Harlern Village Academies is how to accelerate students' mastery of the basics.

  Section C
  Directions: There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions orunfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C andD . You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on AnswerSheet 2 with a single line through the centre.
  Passage One
  Questions 46 to 50 are based on the following passage.
  Sign has become a scientific hot button.Only in the past 20 years have specialists in language study realized that signed languages are unique—a speech of the hand.They offer a new way to probe how the brain generates and understands language,and throw new light on an old scientific controversy:whether language,complete with grammar,is something that we are born With,or whether it is a learned behavior. The current interest in sign language has roots in the pioneering work of one rebel teacher at Gallaudet University in Washington,D. C.,the world‘s only liberal arts university for deaf people.
  When Bill Stokoe went to Gallaudet to teach English,the school enrolled him in a course in signing. But Stokoe noticed something odd: among themselves,students signed differently from his classroom teacher.
  Stokoe had been taught a sort of gestural code,each movement of the hands representing a word in English.At the time,American Sign Language (ASL) was thought to be no more than a form of pidgin English (混雜英語)。But Stokoe believed the “hand talk”his students used looked richer.He wondered:Might deaf people actually:have a genuine language? And could that language be unlike any other on Earth?It was 1955,wheneven deaf people dismissed their signing as“substandard”。 Stokoe‘s idea was academic heresy (異端邪說)。
  It is 37 years later.Stokoe—now devoting his time to writing and editing books and journals and to producing video materials on ASL and the deaf culture—is having lunch at a cafe near the Gallaudet campus and explaining how he started a revolution. For decades educators fought his idea that signed languages are natural languages like English,French and Japanese.They assumed language must be based on speech,the modulation (調節)of sound.But sign language is based on the movement of hands,the modulation of space.“What I said ”Stokoe explains “is that language is not mouth stuff—it‘s brain stuff.”
  Choose correct answers to the question:
  46.The study of sign language is thought to be ________.
  A.a new way to look at the learning of language
  B.a challenge to traditional, views on the nature of language
  C.an approach: to simplifying the grammatical structure of a language
  D.an attempt to clarify misunderstanding about the origin of language
  47.The present growing interest in sign language was stimulated by _______.
  A.a famous scholar in the study of the human brain
  B.a leading specialist in the study of liberal arts
  C.an English teacher in a university for the deaf
  D.some senior experts in American Sign Language
  48.According to Stokoe, sign language is ________.
  A.a Substandard language
  B.a genuine language
  C.an artificial language
  D.an international language
  49.Most educators objected to Stokoe‘s idea because they thought ________.
  A.sign language was not extensively used even by deaf people
  B.sign language was too artificial to be widely accepted
  C.a language should be easy to use and understand
  D.a language could only exist in the form of speech sounds
  50.Stokoe‘s argument is based on his belief that ________.
  A.sign language is as efficient as any other language
  B.sign language is derived from natural language
  C.language is a system of meaningful codes
  D.language is a product of the brain

  Passage Two
  Questions 51 to 55 are based on the following passage.
  Engineering students are supposed to be examples of practicality and rationality,but when it comes to mycollege education I am an idealist and a fool.In high school I wanted to be an electrical engineer and,of course,any sensible student with my aims would have chosen a college with a large engineering department,famous reputation and lots of good labs and research equipment. But that‘s not what I did.
  I chose to study engineering at a small liberal-arts(文科)university that doesn‘t even offer a major in electrical engineering. Obviously,this was not a practical choice;I came here for more noble reasons. I wanted a broad education that would provide me with flexibility and a value system to guide me in my career.I wanted to open my eyes and expand my vision by interacting with people who weren’t studying science orengineering. My parents,teachers and other adults praised me for such a sensible choice.They told me I was wise and mature beyond my 18 years,and I believed them.
  I headed off to college sure I was going to have an advantage over those students who went to big engineering “factories” where they didn‘t care if you have values or were flexible. I was going to be a complete engineer:technical genius and sensitive humanist(人文學者)all in one.
  Now I‘m not so sure.Somewhere along the way my noble ideals crashed into reality,as all noble ideals eventually do.After three years of struggling to balance math,physics and engineering courses with liberal-arts courses,I have learned there are reasons why few engineering students try to reconcile(協調) engineering with liberal-arts courses in college.
  The reality that has blocked my path to become the typical successful student is that engineering and the liberal arts simply don‘t mix as easily as I assumed in high school.Individually they shape a person in very different ways;together they threaten to confuse. The struggle to reconcile the two fields of study is difficult.
  Choose correct answers to the question:
  51.The author chose to study engineering at a small liberal-arts university because he ________.
  A.intended to be a combination of engineer and humanist
  B.wanted to be an example of practicality and rationality
  C.intended to be a sensible student with noble ideals
  D.wanted to coordinate engineering with liberal-arts courses in college
  52.According to the author,by interacting with people who study liberal arts, engineering students can ________.
  A.broaden their horizons
  B.become noble idealists
  C.receive guidance in their careers
  D.balance engineering and the liberal arts
  53.In the eyes of the author,a successful engineering student is expected ________.
  A.to be imaginative with a value system to guide him
  B.to be a technical genius with a wide vision
  C.to have an excellent academic record
  D.to be wise and mature
  54.The author‘s experience shows that he was ________.
  55.The word“they”in“together they threaten to confuse.”(Line 3,Para. 5) refers to ________.
  A.practicality and rationality
  B.engineering and the liberal arts
  C.reality and noble ideals
  D.flexibility and a value system

  Part IV Translation ( 答題時間30分鐘 )
  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese intoEnglish. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.
  中國菜(cuisine)是中國各地區、各民族各種菜肴的統稱,也指發源于中國的烹飪方式。中國菜歷史悠久, 流派(genre)眾多,主要代表菜系有“八大菜系”。每一菜系因氣候、地理、歷史、烹飪技巧和生活方式的差異而風格各異。中國菜的調料(seasoning)豐富多樣,調料的不同是形成地方特色菜的主要原因之一。中國菜強調色、香、味俱佳,味是菜肴的靈魂。中國飲食文化博大精深,作為世界三大菜系之一的中國菜,在海內外享有盛譽。

  PartⅠ Writing 答案
  說明:寫作部分占整套試卷的15% =106.5分
  在這部分你要達到63.9分為及格?!?br />   寫作指導
  這是一篇關于廣告的議論文,考生應根據題目所給出的結構進行展開,千萬不可因為熟悉“廣告”這一題材就浮想聯翩,下筆千言卻離題萬里。首先弄 清楚每一段的內容及各段之間有何聯系,不要在寫完了第一段之后,發現要寫的第二段的內容已在前一段寫過了,所以寫之前先構思,找個腹稿,或在稿紙上寫上要點。
  在范文中,第一段指出廣告的目的有的是讓消費者知道其產品和服務,但大多數廣告是為 了說服人們買這而不是買那。第二段指出廣告是推銷產品的手段,做廣告讓消費者清楚某種品牌比其他的更有優勢是十分必要的。即做廣告的必要性及原因,最后一段寫廠商做廣告的起初原因是因為他們發現花一筆錢對其產品做廣告總的來說比降價出售更有利。
  Sample Writing
  A certain amount of advertising is of an informative kind, the aim simply being to let consumers know what goods and services are available—“consumer education” as it is sometimes called. Most advertising, however, is of a persuasive or competitive kind, the aim of which is to persuade people to buy one thing rather than something else.
  Advertising is a selling cost particularly associated with imperfect competition. Advertising is a way of marketing goods. In the sale of branded goods, advertising is essential in order to try to impress on consumers that one maker's brand is superior to all others, although in fact the only difference between brands may sometimes be in their trade marks and labels.
  Any producer with some degree of monopoly, however slight, will generally find it more advantageous to advertise his products widely and at considerable expense rather than cut his prices.
  PartⅢ reading comprehension 分值說明
  說明:閱讀部分占整套試卷的35% =248.5分
  1、選詞填空一篇 5% 10個題,每小題3.55分
  2、長篇閱讀一篇 10% 10個題,每小題7.1分。
  3、仔細閱讀 20% 10個題 共2篇,一篇5個題,每小題14.2分。
  時間:40分鐘 在這部分你要達到149分為及格,做對18個左右即可。
   Section A 答案解析
  26.【解析】 B。由空前的can決定此處用動詞原形。本文主要講理智的購物可以省很多錢的問題。你購買一件物品或者一份服務的方式確實可以讓你省錢或者多花錢,所以此處空格填save,節省。
  28.【解析】C。如果你要買一個吹風機,當你選了一個外觀你非常喜歡而且價格又是最便宜的,你可能會認為你買了最好的東西。Make the best buy即是說買了最好的東西。
  29.【解析】I。以怎樣的價格用固定短語in price。最便宜的價格就是the cheapest in price。
  30.【解析】 K。此空填名詞作不定式的主語。當你把它買回家,你才發現相較于較貴型號的吹風機,它要花兩倍的時間來吹干你的頭發。amore expensive model更貴的一款。
  31.【解析】 N。此空填動詞作謂語與principles構成搭配。那么你外出購物時應該采用什么樣的原則呢?adopt principles“采用原則”,principles需要用adopt來搭配。
  33.【解析】 D。由空前的a決定,此空填名詞作buy的賓語。在你買一個新的_____之前,先與有這個物品的人交流一下。D選項符合句意。

Section B 答案解析
  36.D).【題干譯文】在哈勒姆村莊學校,老師們可以自己決定如何完成教學目標?!徑ㄎ弧坑商馇Ы淼腍arlem Village Academics,teachers can decide themselves以及objectives定位到原文D)段倒數第三、四句:There’s a very clear set of standards for what the students need to know and be able to do at the end of cach year and quarter.and we hold people accountable for that end goal;But We give them I complete freedom to decides how they’re going to achieve it,…
  【精解】由定位句可知,哈勒姆村莊學校對學生們到年末和季末需要掌握的知識有著明確標準,老師們負責達成這些目標,但是在達成目標的手段方面,老師們有絕對的自由。題干中的Call decide themselves和achieve the teaching objectives分別對應定位句中的give them complete freedom to decide和achieve it,故答案為D)。
  【定位】由題干中的charter movement和tenure system定位到原文F)段最后兩句:The Charter movement is putting the needs of children first and is holding teacher>accountable.It challenges the notion of tenure(終身教職).where there’s no accountability at all.
  【精解】由定位句可知,公辦民營學校優先考慮學生的需要,讓老師承擔其責任.這與老師原來的“終身教職”的概念不同。題干中的making children’s needs a priority和holding teachers responsible分別對應原文中的putting the needs of children first和holding teachers accountable,故答案為F)。
  【定位】由題干中的2,000 children in the next two years定位到原文G)段第一句,
  We are going to triple(增至三倍)in size in the next two years.和第三句:we’re starting two new elementary schools,we will be servin9 2,000 children...
  【精解】定位句提到,哈勒姆村莊學校未來兩年內規模將擴大三倍。后面的二、三句均是在補充說明第一句,具體描述規模擴大的程度,其中第三句提到,哈勒姆村莊學校將新建兩所小學,屆時將能接收2000名學生。題干中的will be able to enroll 2.000 children對應原文中的we will be servin9 2,000 children,題干中的in the next two years對應G)段第一句,故答案為G)。
  【定位】由題干中的Deborah Kenny和learns a lot from other charter schools定位到原文c)段第一句:First of all,I have to say what we have in common with other charter schools because we have learned so much from them...
  【精解】由定位句可知,黛博拉•肯尼認為哈勒姆村莊學校與其他公辦民營學校有相似之處,因為這些學校給予黛博拉•肯尼許多參考之處。題干中的learns a lot對應原文中的learned SO much,故答案為c)。
  【定位】由題干中的curriculum at Harlem Village Academies和tested定位到原文E)段第一句:It looks like a classic liberal—arts curriculum,where math,readin9.and writing are not the only subjects taught.Even if the state focuses its testing on those things,we do not let the state dictate our curriculum.
  【精解】由定位句可知,數學、閱讀和寫作是經常被測試的科目,但哈勒姆村莊學校不是只包含這些科目,他們不會讓考試牽著鼻子走。題干中的not only includes the subject frequently tested是對原文中are not the only subjects taught和do not let the state dictate our curriculum的同義轉述,故答案為E)。
  【定位】由題干中的a national influence on policy and teaching methods定位到原文G)段第四句:We want to use the platform of what we’ve learned and the results that we’re produced--that our teachers have produced--to have a national influence On policy and on teaching methods.
  【精解】由定位句可知,哈勒姆村莊學校并不急于擴張,而是要利用已有的平臺和成果,在政策和教學方法方面產生全國性的影響。題干中的eager對應原文中的want;exert a national influence對應原文中的have a national influence,故答案為G)。
  【定位】由題干中的Harlem Village Academies和regular public system定位到原文B)段第四句:We’re dealing with a little bit of a challenge because students enter this school from the regular public system.
  【定位】由題干中的Deborah Kermy decides to create and ran the Harlem Village Academies和current education system定位到原文A)段前兩句:Deborah Kenny,CEO of the Harlem Village Academies,is frustrated with the nation’s current education system.Unlike most,though,she decided to do something about it.
  【精解】由定位句可知,黛博拉•肯尼對現行教育制度感到失望,與多數人不同的是,她決定有所行動。結合全文可知,她的行動就是創辦哈勒姆村莊學校。題干中的is disappointed about對應原文中的is frustrated with,其他的內容與原文一致,故答案為A)。
  【定位】由題干中的Charter schools are nminly criticized和professionals定位到原文F)段第一句:I'd say that the main criticisms are stern rning from the fact that in a charter system the teachers able not unionized,and they’re treated as professionals instead of as manual laborers.
  【精解】由定位句可知,對于這一新興的教育體系的大多數批評來自于一個事實,即這里把老師當作職業人士,而不是體力勞動者。題干中的are mainly criticized for對應原文中的main criticisms are stemming from,故答案為F)。
  【定位】由題干中的challenges,Harlem Village Academies和mastery of the basics定位到原文B)段第七句:So we have to accelerate their mastery of the basics,but we reject the idea that if you do that you Can’t teach that at a high level.

Section C Passage One 答案解析
  46.[B] 從文章第3句“手語提供了一種新方法,用以探索大腦如何產生和理解語言,并為一個長期以來的科學爭端——語言(連同語法)究竟是我們與生俱來的,還是一種我們后天學會的行為——提出了新的解釋”可以看出,這是對語言的性質的傳統觀點的挑戰,即B .A錯在learning,文章并不是在討論語言的學習,而是語言的產生和理解;C為簡單原詞干擾D;中的an attempt to clarify misunderstanding是對throw new light on an old scientific controversy的曲解,因為controversy不等于misunderstanding.另外,第1段最后一句中的rebel“反叛”一詞也與B中的“挑戰”一致。
  47.[C] 根據第1段最后一句可知,選C.題干中的was stimulated相當于原文中的has roots in.
  48.[B] 根據第3段第2—4句以及最后一段第3句,可知B為答案。前者提出猜想(Might deaf people actually have a genuine language?),后者含有一個同位語 his idea that signed languages are natural languages.
  49.[D] 根據最后一段第4句,可知D正確。D中的only exist in the form of speech sounds是對原文中be based on speech的同義表達。
  50.[D] 根據文章最后一句,可知D正確。D中的a product of the brain是對原文中brain stuff的同義表達。B中的derived from錯誤,因為Stokoe認為sign language就是一種natural language.
Section C Passage Two 答案解析 
  51.[C] 事實細節題。根據文中第2段第3、4句的具體說明以及第3段末句的概括說明“我將成為一個完整的工程師:集理性的技術天才和感性的人文學者于一體。”可知C正確。
  52.[A] 事實推理題。由文章第2段第4句“我想通過與非理工科的同學的相互交往來開闊我的視野”,可推斷出A正確。其他均無原文依據或斷章取義。
  53.[B] 事實推理題。第3段最后一句說,“我將成為一個完整的工程師:集技術天才和人文學者于一體”,B“成為視野寬闊的技術天才”與原文相符,故選B.A、C、D均無原文支持或斷章取義。
  54.[D] 事實推理題。根據第4段第2句“我的崇髙理想與現實發生了沖突”,以及下文對于作者在協調文理科之間的困難可知,原文的想法是不現實的,故可推斷D正確。
  55.[B] 詞義理解題。they—般指代前一句話中的復數名詞,根據最后一段的第1、2句“…engineering and the liberal arts simply don‘t mix as easily…together they threaten to confuse”可以推斷,they指的是engineering and the liberal arts.
Part IV Translation ( 30 minutes ) 漢譯英 15%=106.5分
  中國菜(cuisine)是中國各地區、各民族各種菜肴的統稱,也指發源于中國的烹飪方式。中國菜歷史悠久, 流派(genre)眾多,主要代表菜系有“八大菜系”。每一菜系因氣候、地理、歷史、烹飪技巧和生活方式的差異而風格各異。中國菜的調料(seasoning)豐富多樣,調料的不同是形成地方特色菜的主要原因之一。中國菜強調色、香、味俱佳,味是菜肴的靈魂。中國飲食文化博大精深,作為世界三大菜系之一的中國菜,在海內外享有盛譽。
  Chinese cuisine is a general term for the variousfoods from diverse regions and ethnic groups ofChina.It also refers to cooking styles originating fromChina.With a long history, Chinese cuisine has anumber of different genres,the main representativesof which are "Eight Cuisines".Every cuisine is distinctive from one another due to thedifferences in climate,geography, history,cooking techniques and lifestyle.Chinese cuisinecontains a rich variety of seasonings,which is one of main factors contributing to differentlocal special dishes.Chinese cuisine lays emphasis on the perfect combination ofcolor,flavor,and taste,and the soul of the dishes in taste.Chinese cuisine culture is extensiveand profound,and Chinese cuisine,one of the Three World Cuisines,enjoys a reputation homeand abroad.
  1.第一句話的漢語由兩個分句組成,句子較長,在譯成英文時,可把它拆分成兩句。“也指發源于中國的烹飪方式”可單獨譯成一句also refers to cooking styles originating fromChina,這樣可以更好的體現兩句的并列關系。
  2.第二句話由三個分句組成。翻譯時將“中國菜流派眾多”譯為主句,“歷史悠久”用with a history of...來表達,“主要代表菜系有…”則用非限制性定語從句表示。這樣可以使譯文結構緊湊,句式多樣。
  3.第三句中的“風格各異”可以用be distinctive from表達,比用have different styles更地道。


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